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Combining Reiki and   Sound Healing

Combining Reiki and sound healing together can deepen the effect of healing and relaxation. Firstly you will receive a sound healing session to tune up the nervous system and chakras, so you will be in a more relaxed state to receive the healing energies of Reiki. We do strongly recommend taking these two treatments together as they compliment each other and helps you get into the healing zone. Your body is intelligent, so why not give it the tools to help you feel brighter, more relaxed and happy. In today's world, we are subjected to stress, anxiety and depression. We would like to help you deal with these common symptoms of today’s life. We change the world by changing ourselves first. Take your first steps for change today and book yourself a treatment.

sound healing Reiki

Reiki and Sound healing treatments in the surrey and surrounding areas -  click here

£50 for the two treatments combined