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Dr Mariya Ali

“Nothing is impossible…we just have to make it happen!”

Dr Mariya Ali is now a big advocate of Ki Gong. See her story and all that she has been through from her childhood to the present day on her website, the Butterfly Effect.

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There is a growing number of studies proving the effectiveness of Ki Gong for your overall health and well being. One way of looking at it is like this. We know now that the brain cannot distinguish from a real attack on you, or a  perceived attack. In today's world, most people are living in the sympathetic nervous system function. This is our fight or flight response, so many parts of our body shut down in preparation for us to repel an invader, run from a predator, or evade a natural disaster, and so on. As our body is self healing and self regulating, this means we spend very little time in the para sympathetic nervous system state, which is where we rest, digest and the natural functions of the body repair any damage done. When we are born our healing mechanisms start immediately in healthy babies and should carry on throughout our lives. This is not happening in today’s world. So if you take some time out to practice Ki Gong, this will help you find your para sympathetic nervous system state of being. We also tend to breath in a more shallow manner. Ki Gong addresses that also, with Dahn Jon breathing.

Anti ageing effects of Ki Gong