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What's on offer


The flow of Reiki energy helps you to heal yourself. Why live with the negativity of stress, tension or anxiety? Just accept the flow of Reiki energy and it will activate your own healing energies…..

Sound Healing

The nervous system has a sound and tuning forks can affect that sound. Tuning forks can re tune your body to healing frequencies. Peter’s technique helps to re tune the body and clear the mind......

Meditation & music

We have a series of 4 meditation exercises created in collaboration with Dr Tomasz Kopec to open the three main chakras. We also offer more music from Peter, who can create music for you.

Food and nutrition

We have put together an information to empower you with the knowledge of food and how it can affect your body. We are also putting together a vegetarian recipe book in conjunction with this to help you with creating.

Skype consultation

We offer skype consultations on whatever you may require further information on, Some of the Skype consultations are listed below but feel free to contact us if we haven’t listed your requirements.

Blogs and articles

We have some in depth articles on many of the items we have on offer here and more released as blogs. This will enable you have a greater insight into what we are about and what we hope to achieve for you.


We have had many good feedback and  testimonials from the people we have treated in the past. Here are a few examples of what people have said about the treatments and services we offer..

Jewellery and Art

For thousands of years  people have attached great meaning to earthly elements such as crystals and gemstones. The links below will lead you to the bracelet that resonates with you.


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