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The open classes are at the Graham Spicer Institute in New Malden every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, times are below. Please book your place by contacting Peter at peter@peterpaulparker.co.uk. A yoga mat is required for the training, but one will be provided if you want to try the training out first.


15 Dukes Ave, New Malden KT3 4HL

Times -

Sunday - 10.50 am to 12.15 pm

Wednesday - 7.50 pm to 9 pm


Increase your flexibility and strength, and improve your circulation and alignment. Stretching muscles and joint rotations are designed to help Ki flow more smoothly through the body’s energy channels, called meridians.


Recharge your body and clear your mind by developing and creating strength in your core with deep breathing exercises and postures based on the body’s energy system.


Learn to relax and shift your focus away from  busy thoughts with Brainwave vibration and meditation. This meditation helps you unleash your body’s own healing ability and bring focus to the present moment. This is also achieved through movement and deep concentration on the feeling of energy in and around your body.


We are associated with Body and Brain who run specialised workshops in this country. These help you to understand more deeply the principles of the practice of Ki Gong. The two main workshops are Initial Awakening, focusing on the body and Shimsung, which is transformational and helps you break habits that inhibit happiness.

Shimsung Initial Awakening