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Registered Charity 1180378

Brighter Living charity was set up by people concerned about the health of the elderly and by Ki Gong professionals who, having seen the benefits of running sessions for the elderly in a local community centre, decided to open the project to a wider community in Surrey and surrounding areas. Our aim is to empower elderly people to look after their health and well being in an innovative and practical manner. The activities we are running are Ki Gong and armchair yoga sessions which include gentle movement, stretching, breathing exercises, mindfulness and meditation.

We are constantly learning from our experience from working with the elderly and have tailored the Ki Gong and armchair yoga sessions to make them enjoyable and fun to participate in.  We are always looking at ways of improving this service to the beneficiaries and are monitoring the centre managers we are currently working with on a monthly basis to ensure we keep up the quality of service we offer. Monitoring is of paramount importance to us and this enables us to work out, and plan for the following year, and show how we can keep improving our service for the elderly’s health and well being. We are always looking to expand the charities activities.

Our goal is to enable more people to reach their potential by continually working to address issues of health and well being in the local community centres for the elderly. The issues we found that need to be addressed for this age group when speaking to councils and community organisers in the Surrey area, which we can help with, are gentle exercise and mental stimulation. Ki Gong and armchair yoga addresses these issues perfectly. So much scientific evidence is now showing this fact. Please help us today.

Thank you to Body & Brain for their continued support


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