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Sound healing. The power of sound

In the beginning was the word and the word was God. The Hebrew translation for word can also been interpreted as sound. If the word of God was a sound then, could that be the reason for this material creation? MORE…..

Synchronicity - Release the true you

The term ‘synchronicity‘ was coined by Carl Jung. Throughout his life, Carl Jung did come up with slightly different explanations of this complex subject, but the basic meaning is there for us to understand. He said if ‘meaningful coincidences’ occur with no ‘causal relationship’, but seem to be meaningfully related, this is synchronicity. MORE….

Hear your calling

How far you have come in the last few years. Since taking your year out to research the conspiracies of the darker side of the world, you now stand here awakened, a changed man who perceives life through different eyes, the eyes you were suppose to see this world through. MORE…..

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