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We want you to be a Bright Being.

We want you to be your true self, free from pre conceptions, limitations and restrictive belief systems. We want you to experience your inner vibration which all humans have in common. We want you to experience the inner peace we all have inside. We want you to understand your true nature, that you are awareness, experiencing this reality through your five sense biological body, and that your emotions and feelings are passing moments.

We want you to understand observer consciousness. We want you to be happy, healthy and peaceful. We want you to understand that your body was designed to heal, and is a natural healer. Your body is always working naturally towards optimum health. We want you to rid yourself of negative vibrations so you can change your perception of the world and your place in it. We want you to feel worthy of all the good things life has to offer. We want you to be a Bright Being.

Bright Beings offer meditational advice, where we have a series of exercises with binaural beats to move you into meditation. We offer holistic healing advice, with Reiki and Sound healing treatments available. We offer advice on food and nutrition, so you can empower yourself with the food that suits your own system. We offer advice on the chakra system, and how it works with your material body. We also offer meaningful jewellery with our Chakra and Soul Stone Bracelets.

Jan Owen

Jan Owen is an artist, health advisor and Reiki master and teacher. Jan also makes jewellery of her own designs and has chakra and soul stone bracelets available from the products page which links to her website.

Peter Paul Parker

Peter Paul Parker is a musician, health advisor and sound healer. Peter is producing the music for Bright Beings and recently had an album released by New World Music entitled ‘Anahata Earth Echoes’.

Like a flower, you came from a seed. And like a flower, you are part of nature.