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Brighter LivingKookhak Ki Gong

Brighter Living is a registered charity whose purpose is to help the elderly in and around the Surrey area with their health and well being. We are currently working with community centres in and around the Surrey area and need your help. Please click on the link above so you can see where we are making a difference and where you may be able to help. Making a Brighter world today.

Kookhak Ki Gong UK Association is part of the Brain Education System created by Ilchi Lee. We are running Ki Gong classes in and around the Surrey area for people of all abilities and body shapes. Ki Gong is an ancient Asian healing art and will help you reach your brightest potential. Click the link above.

Welcome to Bright Beings

Do you want to be a bright being?

Do you want to experience vitality and health?

Do you want to achieve your full potential?

Do you need a change in your life?

Do you want to open your horizons?

If your answer is yes, maybe we can help.

Mission statement

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